Psychotherapy is working towards a new improved and more empowered you. I view and treat my client as the expert in his or her life. I view myself as a facilitator of emotional healing and change. I provide a non-judgmental environment where my client can explore relationships and other aspects of his or her life and decide upon changes or adjustments he or she can implement. Therapy is a safe space where perfection is not required or expected.
I work through modalities that meet my client’s needs including Attachment Based, Relational, Family/Martial, Strength Based, Trauma Focused, and Cognitive Behavioral.
Please contact me via telephone (323-788-4558) or email (sandradavislmft@gmail.com) for a free 15 minute consultation to explore how therapy can improve your relationships and other aspects of your daily life. If you decide that you would to work with me, we will schedule your initial assessment appointment.